“Suicide is not chosen. It happens when pain exceeds the resources of overcoming it.”

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death. Worldwide about 800,000 people commit suicide every year. It is estimated that mostly people in the age group of 15 – 35 commit/ attempt suicide. Before we actually get into the article, I would like to make two points clear. Firstly, this article is an attempt to throw some light about suicide and suggest some ways which might help to prevent it. Secondly, I provide some tools for rebuilding a life that is shattered which again I hope might be helpful for the needy.

Causes for suicide/suicidal attempts

  • Generally, suicidal attempts are made under extreme depression when they lose hope of FAITH. Suicide is attempted or committed under extreme emotional pain.
  • Substance abuse heightens the rate of suicide
  • Domestic violence including physical and sexual abuse increases the suicidal rate.
  • Loss of job/relationship increases the risk factors
  • Serious mental disorders like personality disorder, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder etc also increases the risk factors

NOTE: However, the causes given above are ONLY risk factors and are not suicidal.

Warning Signs

Presence of any of the following signs is potential for suicide.

  • Talking about suicide – people who talk of killing themselves like “I wish I was dead”, “I am going to kill myself” etc.,
  • Withdrawing from friends and family
  • Losing interest in favorite activity
  • Feeling hopeless about a particular situation
  • Increased use of alcohol/drug
  • Writing / talking of suicidal note
  • Previous attempts

Preventive measures

  • Get help right away. Call 9445670257 (Mastermind Foundation) immediately to talk to our experts who will help you. Talking about suicide will help the individual to prevent from committing it since it gives a hope for living.
  • Immediately seek for professional help to treat stress, depression, anxiety, and for any particular situation which is panicking or leaving you hopeless

Simple relaxation techniques for de stress

  • Look at the mirror and see yourself “SMILING”
  • Talk to your close friend/ relation
  • Follow the simple relaxation technique as described below:
    • Sit straight / lie down on your back comfortably
    • Watch your breathe
    • “Let Go” all your thoughts/feelings/emotions
    • Instruct your mind “RELAX” – (Repeat this step thrice or as many times as your situation needs)
    • Slowly open your eyes.

Golden rules for happiness

  • LET GO – what has happened
  • LET GO – what is going to happen
  • LET GO – what is happening
  • RELAX right now and REST

Whenever you get PAIN in your life just think of the full form of PAIN!

Positive Attitude In Negative Situation


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